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To do this click the little cloud icon next to the account and verify that it is connecting using Direct Access.It should say, “This account is connect and using Direct Access to download transactions…” in the sheet that comes down. When you receive an error code like this, it is usually accompanied by some text saying the issue will usually resolve itself.• Improved the Download/Financial Institution settings on the Account settings sheet • This change focused on eliminating duplicate options, streamlining user flows, and simplifying the functionality of managing the connectivity status of your accounts such as changing connection types, deactivating downloads for either Direct Connect or Quicken Connect accounts, or updating password for Quicken Connect accounts (for example, after you change a password at your Financial Institution) and changing the Password for Direct Connect accounts.Direct connect accounts also now let you explicitly set the date range of transactions to download--useful for troubleshooting or filling in missing transaction data Fixed • Fixed hang when updating all accounts • Fixed multiple issues reconnecting accounts via the Setup Automatic Downloads dialog • Fixed issue where register would not remember the last scroll position after restarting Quicken (for example, jumping to the top after restarting) • Fixed issue where sidebar would not remember the account expand/collapse state after restarting • Fixed issue where categorized transfer transactions were being excluded from Category Summary report • Fixed multiple issues related to Quicken Windows import process and updated the Quicken Windows conversion utility • Fixed multiple issues related to QIF import from other personal finance applications • Fixed issue where changing your Intuit ID outside of Quicken caused an error during transaction download • Fixed issue where a file restored from backup would not open automatically • Fixed issue where setting up automatic downloads for a manual investing account could Quicken to stop responding • Fixed multiple issues in the Setup Automatic downloads feature • Fixed display issues on report customization sheet • Fixed issue where changing the number separator in the System Preferences from comma to decimal could cause a crash • Fixed issue where email notification regarding changes to your Intuit Profile could be sent in error • Fixed issue where CSV import of values containing commas could be imported incorrectly • Fixed issue where changing an account's connection type could result in a duplicate account • Fixed multiple display issues in Calendar report • Fixed multiple Mobile Sync issues, included a case where tags containing special characters could cause a sync failure • Fixed issues in First Use / New file creation flow You can purchase Quicken 2015 from the App Store for .99.Other Financial Institutions Download Typically, if the error only occurs when downloading transactions from Wells Fargo, it is likely a temporary server error.Wait until the next business day and then attempt your session again.These errors are typically general connectivity errors with the server that can occur for a number of reasons.For example, online services may be unavailable due to server maintenance, high server traffic or an unexpected outage.

Confirm the account that is no longer updating is using Direct Access.This is the change in value of the positions held, excluding cash.Click this indicator to see a breakout on gainers and losers for that day as well as dollar amount change.Quicken automatically categorizes your financial transactions, helps you stay on top of bills and set goals so you can save more. What's New In This Version: New & Improved • New option on Calendar report to allow showing gains and losses for investment holdings.• This option will show the total percent day change (gain or loss) for the investing accounts included in a Calendar report.

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